Knowledge Management for Innovation (KM4I)

Joe Bohn, PhD, MBA, is a visiting assistant professor & director of community engagement at the University of South Florida's College of Public Health.  Joe is a published author, book designer, and editor of contemporary health care and public health related books. Joe completed his doctoral degree in public health at the University of Louisville School of Public Health and Information Sciences (2016) with a concentration in health management and systems sciences. Past published works include:

Co-author of Accountable Care: A Roadmap for Success, 1st ed. (2011);
Co-author of Clinical Integration: A Roadmap to Accountable Care, 2nd ed. (2011);
Author of Your Next Steps . . . in Healthcare Transformation (2011);
Co-author of M.D. 2.0.: Physician Leadership for the Information Age (2012);
Editor of mHealth: Opportunities and Challenges (2013);
Co-author of The Six Ps of Physician Leadership: A Primer for Emerging and Developing Leaders (2013);
Co-editor and co-author of Population Health. Management, Policy and Technology. 1st ed. (2014)
Co-editor and co-author of Clinical Integration Population Health and Accountable Care, 3rd ed. (2015)

Co-editor and co-author of Population health. Management, Policy and Innovation, 2nd ed. (2017)


Publishing Support Services.

Publishing support services provides a collaborative partnership approach to create your material based on the desired themes, strategic messaging and your goals. Skilled in project management, manuscript development, and collaboration with executives to fine tune the works, KMI brings the experience to manage the process, conduct secondary research, develop draft content, coordinate publishing, and work toward meeting your strategic goals.

Editing Services.

These services include manuscript reviews for grammar, punctuation, content recommendations, style and formatting, alignment with author guidelines.  Past experience with American Medical Association (AMA) and American Psychological Association (APA) style guides. 

Research Support Services

KMI can help meet your needs for literature reviews and qualitative studies. Formulation, execution, and management of qualitative research projects involving one-on-one interviews and focus groups along with developing surveys and questionnaires.  Coding of qualitative data and extracting key concepts and comments to assimilate emergent themes and findings related to the client's project interests. Literature reviews involve publicly available informatio